Seafront path extension work has started

Accessibility path extension
Accessibility path extension

Work has started on extending the new accessibility path – a requirement of the ‘Blue Flag’ qualification.

We predicted that there would be more work than shown on the new Havant cycle map and that it could start soon, but we didn’t realise quite how soon.

The new path will be available to pedestrians, wheelchair users, mobility scooter users and, of course, cyclists. When it’s finished, you will be able to cycle off road all the way from Sandy Point to Beachlands.

Pinch point
Pinch point at Beachlands

Unfortunately, it’s not been possible to continue the path through Beachlands, but the path will continue along the existing tarmac access road through to the Inn on the Beach and the Sunset Café.

Between the two sections of path is a very narrow strip of pavement. Confident cyclists can and should take to the road here. But it’s clearly going to be a problem for other users. There’s only just enough width for a mobility scooter.

Part of the new path goes through a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest). To compensate, Havant is removing a section of unused tarmac to the West of Beachlands and returning it to the common…

SSSI work
Work being done to restore part of the common

2 Replies to “Seafront path extension work has started”

  1. Any idea why they couldn’t take the path closer to the sea and away from the narrow pavement? I presume something to do with the fun-fair being private land? It’s great to see the work being done but that pinch point is going to be a real spoiler in the route for many people

  2. As you say, the Beachlands area is privately-owned. They will not give permission for the accessibility path to cross their land. To be fair, it’s hard to see where the path could go. The car park is a possibility, but it’s a money-earner and becomes full at times. I understand that Beachlands would like to sell up, so is unlikely they would want to grant permission even if there was a route.

    We wait to see what will happen about the pinch point, but I can’t see there’s scope to change it.

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