I’d like to cycle more, but…

Cycling has many benefits:

There’s a great deal of information on the web about the health benefits of cycling. Just Google “cycling health benefits” to see plenty of articles.

In summary, cycling:

  • Helps your heart and cardiovascular system leading to a drop in blood pressure reducing your risk of heart disease
  • Improves fitness, stamina and strength
  • Reduces fat by burning calories
  • Provides an excellent way to exercise:
    • Doesn’t need a lot of self-discipline: it’s a by-product of getting around
    • Low impact on joints
    • Can help with specific problems, such as back and knee ailments – but you should always consult your GP before taking up any new form of exercise if you have a health problem
  • Helps you stay active in later years
  • Can relieve stress and depression, improving your self-esteem, mood and mental well-being

You can save money on petrol and parking if you cycle instead. Your car is at its most inefficient during the first few miles of any journey. Replacing short trips with a cycle ride will significantly reduce your fuel bills – and improve your fitness – you might find it’s faster by bike than car for some trips.

Commuting to work can save you money on petrol, parking, train fares and bus fares. Do you have two cars in the family, including one that sits in a company car park all day? If so, you might be able to dispense with a car altogether, saving on insurance, servicing repairs and car tax. If your company has a cycle to work scheme, you can get a lot of money knocked off a new bike.

Cycling is a cheap way to exercise. It’s easy to get hold of a cheap bike and some basic equipment, and off you go. No gym membership needed.

You don’t need to be super-fit to enjoy cycling. Just getting exercise out in the fresh air gets the endorphins going – making you feel good. Cycling gives you independence – you’ll be surprised how quickly you can get around – but you still have time to appreciate our scenery.

All the family can participate. Cycling is a great way for the family to spend time together; and you’ll be encouraging your children and grandchildren into good habits for later life.

There are several cycling clubs based on and near Hayling Island. Cyclists tend to be a friendly bunch and going out with a club is an easy way to make friends.

You might, however, see obstacles that prevent you from cycling, or doing as much cycling as you would like. The articles below describe various issues people have with cycling, and suggest ways to overcome them.

I need a bike
I’d like to start commuting
I’d like to cycle for pleasure
I have a physical disability

If these articles don’t help, we’d be happy to try to answer any cycling-related questions you might have.