Health benefits of cycling

We’ve known for years that regular exercise from cycling increases your lifespan by up to 2 years, but much more important is your HEALTHspan – being fit enough to really enjoy life. And cycling can give you an extra 10 years of HEALTHspan, i.e. making you feel as healthy as someone 10 years younger.

Yes, there really is scientific evidence to support it, which you can see below, and in more detail at . And the most surprising thing (to me at least), was that all those annoying road jolts turn out to exercise our muscles, tendons and ligaments all over our body, improving our core strength. Especially supporting the spine, for those of us that suffer back pain. (But we still need smooth cycle paths!).

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Funding cuts

At last, we have a £700,000 plan to restore the Billy Trail to it’s full destiny, but that’s only the first stretch. We will need much more to finish the job.

But this disastrous government has suddenly slashed active travel funding by two-thirds with no warning, against all their strategies for active travel and health. How can councils plan like that? Continue reading “Funding cuts”


We think cycle helmets are a good idea, but only if they fit and are adjusted properly. We help you adjust yours, or choose a new one below.

The best help adjusting a bike helmet we’ve seen is here.

Cycle Hayling Celebration Ride this Sunday!

Join Cycle Hayling this Sunday for a celebration social ride around Hayling! Everyone is welcome, we’re family friendly, and you can choose your own speed and distance.

What are we celebrating? Well mainly the £700,000 investment in the Hayling Billy Trail, but also Bike Week’s 100th anniversary (June 5-11), and Havant Green Week (June 10-18)!

Here’s what’s happening:

  • Meet 10am, Sunday 11-June, at the Hayling Community Centre.
  • We’ll ride gently down the Hayling Billy Trail to the bridge and regroup there (2.5 miles).
  • You can ride round the Northney Loop with us to Yew Tree Rd (5.5 miles)
    or you can ride back down the Billy Trail on your own (5 miles).
  • From the Yew Tree pub, we’ll make Hayling’s first ever CycleBus to cycle safely down the main road to Mill Rythe School.
  • But if you’d rather, we’ll give you two footpath options and meet up at Mill Rythe School.
  • We’ll then ride the ‘Old Cinder Track’ cycle path up to Mengham (7.5 miles).
  • Then on to the seafront and along to the Ferry Boat Inn to end the ride with a chat about improving cycling on Hayling, and optionally a drink (11 miles).
  • You’re 2 miles from Mengham – ride back at your leisure, or make another CycleBus !
  • You can join or leave the ride the ride at any point – but please tell someone so we can keep count!

A few important conditions:

  • You ride at your own risk.
  • Under 16’s must bring a responsible adult.
  • Check your bikes first, at
  • It’s Hayling, so expect some rough surfaces.
  • We’ll try and help with bike problems, but we’ll be short on tools, spares and time.
  • We think helmets are a good idea, especially for kids, but it’s your choice.

You can see our Cycle Map of Hayling here.

If you have any questions, email Wilf at

This Saturday, we’re also offering e-bike and e-cargo bike trial rides – come and try them out at our Green Week fair at St Albans School, just north of Havant station.

Hoping to see you this Sunday (and maybe Saturday too)!

Wilf Forrow and the Cycle Hayling committee.


What’s a Cycle Bus??? A Cyclebus lets primary school children cycle to school safely, healthily, and sociably, in a bus-like formation, to protect them from traffic. It’s about community involvement – it’s organised by parents, grandparents, teachers, and volunteers.

See this a great video of how they started in Belfast!

But we’ve now got one of the first ones in England just a few miles away, organised by parents at Twyford.

Cyclists emerge from Church Lane, Twyford, as part of the Cycle Bus

Help cut pollution and traffic congestion around schools, and create a safe and healthy environment. Help empower children to become responsible and active and give them freedom, self-reliance and a lifelong love of cycling.

Bike Worcester even has this map of local CycleBuses! (And there are a lot, and many of them only ride one day a week). Watch their YouTube talk about it on Active Travel Cafe.

Find out how Cycle Buses work, and how to organise one!

And if you’re really adventurous, this is how the Dutch do Cycle Buses!

Come on parents and grandparents – why not on Hayling?!!!!


Sore bottoms come in all shapes and sizes – and so do saddles – don’t be saddled with an uncomfortable one! Soft is not always best, the right shape for you and saddle adjustment are far more important. We have loads of help below.

A suitable saddle shouldn’t cause any discomfort at all: no numbness, pain, chafing or pinching. Like a new pair of walking boots, we say a new saddle might need a bit of breaking in – but in practice, it’s our bottoms that need a little bit of breaking in, so don’t give up after the first ride or two.

Touring cyclists in the saddle for several days know all about saddle comfort! So some of the best advice comes via Cycling UK, previously CTC, the Cyclists Touring Club, and parent of Havant-based Portsmouth CTC. Some of this advice is aimed to help women – but men, don’t be put off – many saddle problems are the same.

Different types of cyclists have different needs. Sporting cyclists will look more towards light weight and low air resistance, whereas day to day, commuting or leisure cyclists might prioritise comfort and practicality. You don’t need to spend a huge amount, but if a badly fitting saddle spoils your riding, it’s not good value. We’ve tried £10 saddles which seem good on Amazon reviews, but never yet found anything as good or long lasting as more reputable makes like Selle Italia, or even at the lower end, Madison.

More great saddle advice and reviews:

So, saddle up and ride in comfort!