Revive-A-Bike scheme

Sadly – Revive-A-Bike has revived 28 bikes, and we’ve run out of funding 🙁 We’re now waiting for the long-promised government £50 vouchers to kick in.

Revive-A-Bike was a scheme to revive dead bikes from the back of your shed or garage. Islanders could apply to have their old bike assessed and brought back to road-going status.

It started on 1st June 2020, in advance of the proposed national scheme that may take some months to go live, and was funded by a £1,000 grant from Hampshire County Council.

How does it work?

  1. Any Hayling resident takes a disused bike to Hayling Cycles (completely independent of Cycle Hayling).
  2. Hayling Cycles assess it, estimate the repair cost and tell you how to apply for a grant up to £50 towards the repair.
  3. If Cycle Hayling approves it, you will be contacted to arrange for your bike to be revived.
  4. And Hayling’s Community Policing Team can postcode your bike for extra security at the same time.
  5. You pay the first £5, then Cycle Hayling contributes up to £50 off your bill.

Are there any conditions?

  1. The bike must have a significant problem – eg rusted chain, perished tyres, no brakes. It’s NOT for pumping up flat tyres, or tuning up working bikes, or cosmetic problems.
  2. You must specify someone who commits to ride it and send us a photo riding it afterwards! It’s NOT for bikes that go back in the garage ‘just in case you need it’.
  3. While stocks last (of grant money!).
  4. If you don’t collect the bike and pay within 4 weeks of notification, the repairer reserves the right to sell or dispose of the bike.
  5. Cycle Hayling and the repairer reserve the right to refuse an application if either has reason to believe the scheme is being abused.


  1. What repairs are covered?
    A: Parts and labour to make unrideable bikes rideable and safe, so things like fixing a rusted chain, perished tyres, no brakes. It excludes cosmetic problems, ‘tuning-up’ a working bike, accessories, etc.
  2. What if the repair costs more than the grant?
    A: You would have to pay the excess.
  3. Is there a warranty?
    A: The warranty would be the same as normal repairs.
  4. Can I fix more than one bike?
    A: Only one bike per family until we see how far the grant goes.
    Each bike can only ever have one grant.
  5. Can I sell the bike afterwards?
    A: Yes, so long as it’s still being ridden, ideally on Hayling, and not just put in a garage.
  6. My kids have grown out of this bike. Can I trade it up for a bigger one?
    A: Not directly, but we want to see more bike riding, so we’ll try and find a way to help.
  7. I don’t have anyone to ride it, but I’d like to see it back on the road.
    A: We may be able to accept it as a donation to raise funds for more cycling.
  8. Why do you want a photo of it being ridden?
    A: To encourage it to be ridden, and to help our publicity (with your permission).
  9. Is there a time or volume limit?
    A: We will keep going as long as we have grant money available.
  10. Who funds the scheme?
    A: Hampshire County Council, through Councillor Lance Quantrill.
  11. Who administers the scheme?
    A: Cycle Hayling, through its approved repairers. This includes approving repairers, publicity, and handling the payments.
    Note: Cycle Hayling is a voluntary community group, a part of Hayling’s Best.
    The committee can be seen at:
  12. What does Cycle Hayling get out of it?
    A: Nothing but the satisfaction of increasing cycling.
  13. What if I revive a dead bike myself?
    A: Please tell us, so we can count it in!

To apply


Or contact us, at I need help.

Get Reviving!