Hayling Herald article June 2020

This is the article we submitted for the June 2020 edition of the Hayling Herald. They may of course edit their version, and we format this version for the website with extra photos and links. Or view it in your browser.

  • Revive-A-Bike scheme!
  • How does it work?
  • The Hayling maze
  • Hospital bed length!

Revive-A-Bike scheme!

Blue skies, warm sun and gentle breezes make ideal conditions for cycling; and, with reduced traffic and unlimited recreation during isolation, our Island has never seen so many cyclists for a long, long time.

Sadly as lapsed cyclists rescue their treasured bike from the back of the shed it’s needing some love and attention – and stocks of new bikes were snapped up long ago.

Don’t despair. Cycle Hayling and County Councillor Lance Quantrill have created the Revive-A-Bike scheme for Islanders. It starts from 1st June, preceding the similar proposed national scheme.

Funded by a £1,000 grant from Hampshire County Council, Islanders can apply to have their old bike assessed and brought back to road-going status.

How does it work?

  1. Any Hayling resident takes a disused bike to Hayling Cycles (no relation to Cycle Hayling!).
  2. Hayling Cycles assess it, estimate the repair cost and tell you how to apply for a grant up to £50.
  3. You say who will ride it, and promise a photo as evidence – it can’t just go back in the shed!
  4. If Cycle Hayling approves, you will be contacted to arrange for your bike to be revived.
  5. You pay the first £5, then Cycle Hayling contributes up to £50 off your bill.

And, Hayling’s Community Policing Team will postcode your bike for extra security at the same time.

Full details on our website at cyclehayling.org/ReviveABike.

And if you’ve revived a dead bike yourself, please tell us, so we can count it in! Here’s our M-Check guide:

Get Reviving!

The Hayling Maze

Cycling or walking keeps you fit and active during lockdown, but doing the same old route can get boring.

Well Hayling has a maze of streets, and I bet you’ve never seen most of them.

Quiet route around Hayling island

You might find yourself in some really surprising places, and at least they’ll be new. And you’ll be fit!

Or check out our quiet street routes at cyclehayling.org/quiet.

Hospital bed length!

Did you know a hospital bed is exactly 2 metres long? That’s long.

Some people in vulnerable groups really mustn’t risk catching Covid-19. We’ve had some complaints that some cyclists get too close to pedestrians.

If you’re less than a hospital bed length away, you could put them in one.

Please help them by making space, not their bed!

Check out our website at cyclehayling.org