Hayling’s BEST AGM

Hayling’s BEST, the Island’s umbrella organisation for community groups and projects, is holding its AGM at 7.30 pm on Thursday 23 January at the URC Hall in Mengham. Cycle Hayling is a member group of Hayling’s BEST, and will be presenting our annual report to the meeting.

The AGM is also a chance to find out about other successful activities on the Island, such as the Hayling Billy 50 project, which recently won Lottery funding towards upgrading the Hayling Billy trail.

Everyone welcome!

Update from Cycle Hayling

This is the text of an email we sent to all Cycle Hayling supporters with email addresses on 5th December 2013…

Welcome to all our new supporters. You are helping us promote better cycling facilities on the Island.

In this update:

  • Good news for the ‘Safe routes to school’ project
  • More good news…
  • …and even more
  • New ‘Park and Stride’ scheme
  • An appeal about cycle lights
  • Watch out, there’s a thief about!
  • North East Hayling Residents Association
  • Hayling to Paris ride – update

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16 Cub Scouts get their cycling badges

Following our afternoon with Mengham Junior school during Bike Week, Mandy Hawke – leader of Saturn Pack, 3rd Hayling Scout Group – got in touch to ask if we could help her pack get their cycling badges.

We were pleased to do that. It was a cooperative effort with the pack leaders doing most of the sessions and we filled in with the more technical stuff.

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Cycle Hayling/CTC Portsmouth Score Resounding Success at Havant Goes Greener Fair.

Mike & Robert Run the Stall
Mike & Robert Run the Stall

Havant held their annual Havant Goes Greener Fair last Saturday, 14 Sept.
In spite of the poor weather and comparative low number of visitors to the fair, the Cycle Hayling/ CTC Portsmouth stall was a great success in attracting many adults and youngsters to the Turbo Cycle Challenge. This was a competition where 2 bikes, one normal adult size bike and the other a child’s bike are mounted on turbo trainers. Riders have 1 minute from a standing start to see how far they can pedal, with the result put on Leader Boards in each group. The main difference from last year’s stall was the addition of a child’s bike to provide for the significant numbers of youngsters who, even with the saddle fully down, couldn’t reach the pedals of the adult bike. Continue reading “Cycle Hayling/CTC Portsmouth Score Resounding Success at Havant Goes Greener Fair.”

Havant Goes Greener Fair

Cycle Hayling in conjunction with CTC Portsmouth will have a stall at the Havant Goes Greener Fair which will take place in Havant Park between 10am and 4pm on Saturday 14th September. The stall will be similar to the very successful one (see our news item) at the Hayling Island 3 Churches Fete held on 14th Aug, with 2 bikes to see who can win prizes by being the fastest during a 1 minute pedal. Apart from the competitions, Cycle Hayling and CTC Portsmouth members will be available to provide information and answer questions on any cycling related matter. So come along and pay us a visit. If there are any Cycle Hayling members out there who can help out with running the stall please contact Robert Sebley at robert@cyclehayling.org . Details of the Fair can be found at: www.havantgoesgreener.org.uk/

Cycle Hayling supports motorists!

As part of work to establish safe cycle routes to schools Dave Mowatt is helping the Hayling Island schools and the Hampshire Travel Team explore options to set up a ‘Park and Stride’ scheme. This would allow parents to park in some of the Island’s car parks with easy walking to school.

If established, the scheme would reduce congestion at school times and increase safety for children walking or cycling to school.

We hope to see a trial scheme started early in the new school year.

51 reasons to travel by bike

Mengham Junior School pupils took part in a “Cycle Quiz” to think of as many good reasons as possible for traveling by bicycle. They came up with a fabulous total of 51 reasons why. Take a look at the list below, and if you can come up with any more good reasons, why don’t you tell Cycle Hayling about them? Just email them to sue@cyclehayling.org, and if they’re good reasons for travelling by bicycle, they will be added to the list! Continue reading “51 reasons to travel by bike”