Fun at the three churches fete

We had good weather and a great turn-out at the three churches fete.

Luke Coates at the three churches fete
Luke Coates – one of our turbo challengers being timed by Joy Forrow

The Cycle Hayling stand got loads of visitors and contestants for our ‘turbo challenge’. This year we had two bikes running simultaneously: one for adults and one for youngsters.

The early pace was set by the girls who dominated the leader board for the first hour, or so. The boys rose to the challenge and in the end the honours were split pretty evenly. The top girl managed to cycle 510 metres in a minute, the top boy managed 550 metres. That’s an average speed of 19 miles per hour and 21 miles per hour respectively! Truly impressive on a turbo trainer using a less-than-ideal bike.

We challenged the adults to see how long it would take to cycle half a mile. Their results were just as impressive. The fastest lady took just one minute (averaging 30 miles an hour), but most impressive of all was our top man who took just 42 seconds at an average of 43 miles an hour!

It was great to receive so many expressions of support for our projects. We heard many stories of how people enjoy cycling as a cheap and healthy way to get around the island. They just want to do it safely without annoying anyone.

Thanks to everyone who visited the stand. We hope to have news of improvements to Hayling’s cycle provision later this year!