51 reasons to travel by bike

Mengham Junior School pupils took part in a “Cycle Quiz” to think of as many good reasons as possible for traveling by bicycle. They came up with a fabulous total of 51 reasons why. Take a look at the list below, and if you can come up with any more good reasons, why don’t you tell Cycle Hayling about them? Just email them to sue@cyclehayling.org, and if they’re good reasons for travelling by bicycle, they will be added to the list!

  1. Good exercise
  2. You can get around if you can’t drive
  3. It’s fun
  4. It’s healthy
  5. It’s a good pastime
  6. Any age can ride a bike
  7. You can do tricks and stunts
  8. You can ride in the skate park and BMX park
  9. You can train to be a cycle racer
  10. You can live longer because of health benefits of cycling
  11. No need to go to gym to keep fit
  12. You get fresh air when cycling
  13. You can stand up on a bike but not in a car
  14. You can go on charity rides
  15. You can have days out to places you can’t reach by car
  16. You can go cycle touring
  17. You can ride your bike in the garden
  18. You get to see more of the countryside from a bike
  19. You can get to places that you cannot reach by car e.g. narrow paths
  20. You can ride your bike on the beach, up mountains and in the forests
  21. You can see nature like along the Hayling Billy Trail
  22. You can go cycling with your friends
  23. Cycling is a life skill
  24. Cycling helps you to lose weight and get rid of energy
  25. Cycling gives you more freedom
  26. Bikes don’t cause traffic jams
  27. Bikes don’t cause pollution
  28. Riding a bike is quiet and peaceful
  29. Fewer cars on the road, so less noise, pollution and congestion – so better for everyone
  30. Bikes do not cause so many serious accidents
  31. Bikes do not run over animals
  32. A bike is easy to park
  33. It costs less than a car because no fuel needed
  34. It costs less than a car because no motor insurance needed
  35. It costs less than a car because no road tax needed
  36. It costs less than a car because repairs are cheaper
  37. It costs less than a car because bikes are cheaper to buy
  38. There are no parking charges
  39. Hard to get a speeding ticket
  40. Less space needed for car parks, so more space for parks and play areas
  41. No expensive driving lessons needed (cheap bikeability lessons are a good idea though!)
  42. A bike is easier to control than a car, so quick to learn
  43. It is often a quicker way of travelling, because you do not get stuck in traffic
  44. Cycling is the quick and easy way to travel for shorter distances
  45. No need to be late because of being stuck in traffic
  46. You can fix a puncture on a bike yourself instead of getting it fixed at a garage
  47. No worries about losing car keys
  48. You won’t get your bike wheel-clamped or taken away
  49. No need to take your bike to the car wash
  50. You can show off on a bike
  51. You can reach blackberries in the hedge from a bike