Billy Trail re-opens following upgrade

The section at the north of the island is now open again, although all users are being asked to treat the new surface with respect while it is bedding in.

There’s also some more work to do that will not require the path to be closed, so please watch out for people working.

Peter Drury’s blog has some photos of the new section and some taken while it was under construction.

We are all hoping that this will prove to be an excellent development that will show the way for future Billy Trail improvements. We’ll be keeping an eye on it as time goes on.

Thanks – once again – are due to Peter Drury who has done so much to bring this about through his Hayling Billy 50 work. I’m sure he’d be the first to point out that it’s been a team effort involving Havant, Hampshire, National Lottery and a bunch of others.

2 Replies to “Billy Trail re-opens following upgrade”

  1. I walked the length of the new section yesterday and had a chat with the chaps who laid it. I think it is marvelous and puts the rest of the Island Billy Trail to shame! It is an ideal template and perhaps the public will now clamour for its continuation – it’s the thin end of the wedge! Well done, Peter!

  2. Well done all round!

    Let’s hope the rest of the Trail may soon be upgraded too.

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