Survey results

Thank you to everyone that helped us with our survey which asked supporters to tell us the relative importance of each of our cycle path projects to cyclists.

You told us that:

  • The North-South link and an upgrade to the Hayling Billy trail are most important
  • Footpath 102 is a clear runner-up – which puts the main routes on and off the island in the top positions
  • We are justified in keeping the relief bridge as aspirational for the time being
  • There are regional variations but they do not differ widely from the overall findings

You gave us a lot of comments. Thanks for all the messages of support. They are very welcome. We’ll take the comments into account when pursuing the individual projects. We’ll also add the possibility to provide an off road route from Beachlands to the Ferry as an aspirational project – it’s unlikely we’ll be able to make any significant progress, though, while the future of the ferry is so uncertain.

You can see all the comments here.

The following sections show the results graphically and how they break down within geographical areas. At the end we provide the detailed results as an Excel spreadsheet.

Overall result

From 45 responses:

The projects listed are:

FP102 – Footpath 102 Beech Grove to Salterns Lane
FP88Extend – Extension to footpath 88 into Mill Rythe campus
FP89 – Footpath 89 Higworth Lane to Church Road
HBU – Hayling Billy Upgrade
NorthSouth – North South link
ReliefBridge – Addition of a cycleway to the side of the existing bridge (not currently a project)

These break down geographically as follows…

North of the island

From 6 responses:

West of the island

From 21 responses:

East of the island

From 10 responses:

Off the island

From 6 responses:


From 2 responses:

Full detail

Here are the detailed survey results as an Excel spreadsheet.

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  1. 45 responses is a reasonable result. If you wish to share the survey with the Hayling Island group (almost 4,000), that might be helpful, but the survey may have to be tailored to the random nature of such a group!

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