A message to Cycle Hayling supporters from Tim Dawes

We offered all the prospective parliamentary candidates attending our recent public meeting the opportunity to send you a message. The following is the message from Tim Dawes (Green party).

Andy Henderson
Chair, Cycle Hayling

Firstly – I am very impressed with the work of Cycle Hayling and I am supportive of your ideas – especially the idea of a hard surface North South Route. I also want to see improvements on the “mainland” including at least one, preferably two, main road cycle crossings – one at the point the Billy Line crosses the Hayling Road and another at or near the Northey junction south of the bridge. The County says this would slow the traffic, I say “so, what’s not to like?” I am also arguing that the N22 east-west route through Havant is a nonsense and needs to be reconsidered.

Second – I have been working for some time to try and get support for cycle carriers on buses. Whilst some people who think nothing of 100 miles in a day may think this wimpish, I am thinking that people like who me who do cycle to and from Hayling quite frequently in our 7th decade might serious consider an occasional one way trip. Or even a final assisted ride after a couple in the Yew Tree (one of my favourite pubs) half way back. Cycle carriers on the front of buses are unknown in the UK at present but are an increasingly common sight now in US cities. It’s all part of a truly green integrated transport system.

Thirdly – I missed the item about the Hayling Billy trail and erosion, but I am concerned about the attitude of the EA (and perhaps the Harbour Board?) that reportedly suggests they will be happy to see the trail dislocated. That should not be allowed to happen and local politicians and interest groups need to be clear about this and make their voices heard.

I don’t think cycling is or should be a point that divides us on party political lines. As you might expect we Greens have very cycle-friendly policies, but I am more than happy to work with anyone who will put cycling and cycling facilities higher up the agenda. Presently the priorities of Hampshire Highways are car, car and car in that order. If only a fraction of the money spent on often rather silly schemes were spent on creating dedicated cycle ways we would be in much better position.

Great to meet you all and keep up the good work. Whatever happens on 7th May I will be only to pleased to help if I can and I have subscribed to your e-list with that in mind.

Tim Dawes
Green Party candidate for Havant