A message to Cycle Hayling supporters from John Perry

We offered all the prospective parliamentary candidates attending our recent public meeting the opportunity to send you a message. The following is the message from John Perry (UKIP).

Andy Henderson
Chair, Cycle Hayling

Thank you for the opportunity to meet your Cycle Hayling team earlier this week.

For the past 32 years I have lived and have been a keen cyclist on the Island and consequently, I am very aware of the issues and dangers facing cyclists getting on and off and around the Island. Specifically, I would like the Billy Trail made more weather friendly and the north-south route through the centre of the Island made viable.

However, the Councils have had their budgets cut by the Coalition Government to fund the four-fold increase in EU membership fees over the past five years. Our party would restore local authority funding to invest in necessary infrastructure projects.

You may be aware I have spoken in the Council Chamber against mass housing development but also supporting a clear cycle route around footpath 102 and I will continue to support both your and the Islanders objectives for better and safer cycling routes.

My election message is:

I’m your UKIP candidate and I’m fighting to uphold the principles I hold dear: honesty, integrity, sensible business practice, the NHS, standing-up for the common man and the right to govern ourselves. This has been my home since 1979 and, if elected, I’ll fight tirelessly to promote Hayling Island and Havant. I have extensive industrial experience, as an accountant and professional engineer, and I’ll use my talents and experience to the full in working for you.

In last year’s Havant Euro elections UKIP won the most votes, with 38% of all votes cast. With your help we can do the same in the General Election and start making a real difference to the way our country is governed. For your family, for Hayling Island, for Havant, for our country please vote UKIP.

Further details are: www.johnperry.org.uk

Thank you,
John Perry