Hayling Ferry company goes into administration

We understand the company that runs the Hayling Ferry has gone into administration. According to the company’s Twitter account, service is closed.

There’s still some hope the service will return if:

  • Another company buys the company or some of its assets
  • One of the councils takes it on
  • An entirely new service is created in place of the old one

That would seem to require renegotiation of either the controversial pontoon fees, a subsidy from Portsmouth City Council (which withdrew its subsidy last year) or both. That leaves little scope for a return in the short term.

That’s sad news for Hayling Islanders. It’s particularly bad for cyclists and cycle-tourism because it disrupts National Cycle Network route 2 which relies on the Ferry. The obvious alternate route (across Farlington Marshes and down Eastern Road) by-passes Hayling Island altogether.

We’ll post an update if we learn more.

3 Replies to “Hayling Ferry company goes into administration”

  1. Let’s hope that the ferry service re-starts. It would be a tragedy if this service was lost forever. An ideal commuting route for those who work in Portsmouth and also the loss of the circular route around Langstone Harbour. It also breaks the Shipwrights way from Alice Holt Forest and Portsmouth via the Hayling Billy Trail.

  2. Does anyone know if a petition to Portsmouth City council has been set up. I for one shall write to them.

  3. The best economic plan would be to put a chain ferry on this vital crossing. Capacity to take 20-30 cars and light vans could bring a steady income and better secure a permanent link.

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