We’ve changed address

We’ve moved from www.cyclehayling.org.uk to cyclehayling.org.

We were encountering a number of issues with our old service provider culminating with a problem sending emails to supporters. We therefore decided to move to a new service provider. The easiest way to do that – given the issues we were having – was to change server address at the same time.

The new site addresses the issues we were having. Not least, we’ve been able to activate https encryption. We’re no longer being labelled as ‘Not secure’.

Please update any site links you have. Also, any email addresses: xxx@cyclehayling.org.uk become xxx@cyclehayling.org. For the time being the old addresses will continue to work but we can’t guarantee for how long.

You shouldn’t see any difference between the old and new sites. Please let us know if you spot any issues.


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