Update from Cycle Hayling

In this update…

  • New section of cycle path
  • New and replacement sign boards
  • Help needed with path clearance
  • Thanks for helping with the survey

New section of cycle path

We are pleased to announce a new section of cycle path alongside the main road out of Hayling.

More details, a map and some photos here.

The new path adds a section to Hayling’s safe cycle routes to school network and we hope it will become part of a North-South route onto and off the island.

Unfortunately, some clearance work is needed before people can use the new path so we’re now looking for help to make the path suitable for use (see below).

New and replacement sign boards

Thanks to everyone who voted for us in the Hampshire County Council ‘Approved by you’ scheme we’ve been able to:

The new signs have added UV protection so should last longer than the old ones.

Help needed with path clearance

Can you help us clear two sections of path?

  1. The new section of cycle path next to the main road going north from Mill Rythe. The worst bits are at each end but the whole length needs clearance and there’s a particularly bad section in the middle.
  2. Footpath 88 – also known as the ‘cinder track’ going south from Mill Rythe to join Eastwood Close. There are two or three sections where hedges have grown out into the path.

If you have a petrol or battery-powered strimmer we’d particularly like to hear from you.

If you’d like to help, please let me know at Andy@cyclehayling.org. It would help to know if you have a preferred day of the week – or which days of the week you cannot manage.

You might be thinking that it’s a ‘council’ job to clear the paths. The new section is a permissive path, so not a council responsibility. Hampshire is responsible for footpath 88 – but the available budget is tiny so let’s help out if we can.

Thanks for helping with the survey

With your help we monitored cycle movements over the bridge for a Sunday and a Monday. Sue has been away but will publish the results shortly. Thank you to everyone who volunteered.

Andy Henderson
Chair, Cycle Hayling