Update from Cycle Hayling

In this update…

  • The Hayling ferry is back
  • Good news on the way?
  • New Billy Trail and coastal access path surfaces
  • A piece of Billy Trail history
  • Portsmouth: a city to share
  • Lights reminder
  • Help with cycling

The Hayling ferry is back

Finally, the Pride of Hayling is back in action. That’s the ‘original’ vessel with the fitted cycle racks – not the replacement one. You can find out more via our ferry page.

Good news on the way?

There’s been good progress with an infrastructure project and I hope to let you know more soon. Sorry to be coy, but negotiations are at a sensitive stage.

New Billy Trail and coastal access path surfaces

Havant is experimenting with new surface materials and building methods on both the northern section of the Billy Trail and the coastal access path. The seafront path seems to be weathering well even though we’ve had a lot of heavy rain recently. We’ll have to wait and see how well it does in freezing conditions. The new Billy Trail surface has suffered damage from horses hooves, although it seems to be self-repairing to some extent (and cycle tyres might be playing an important role with that). However, the damage is noticeably worse after heavy rain and it’s possible we’ll see faster erosion of the surface as a result.

If you use the new surfaces regularly, I’d be very interested to hear your views. Especially if we have a freezing spell later this year. If the surface works well, it could be a good way to get more path improvement for less money. On the other hand, it would be counter-productive to spend a lot of time and money on surfaces that do not last.

A piece of Billy Trail history

As secretary of Portsmouth CTC, I was recently given a copy of one of the original planning documents produced by Railway Path Project based in Bristol – a precursor to Sustrans. It was commissioned by the Havant and District Safe Cycling Campaign a group of concerned people – like us – who managed to create a fantastic, new cycling path. I found it an inspirational document, and hope we can maintain their legacy. You can see the document here.

Portsmouth: a city to share

The Portsmouth Cycle Forum is doing an excellent job of focusing attention on the serious issues for cyclists in the city. It has recently produced a strategy document called ‘A City to Share’. You can read more about it and see a copy here.

Lights reminder

Each year, we see cyclists out in the road after dark without lights or reflectives! Apparently, it’s not cool to be visible. If you know someone who you suspect is doing this please consider talking to them about it. If you are a motorist, try to explain just how horrifying it is to encounter bikes without lights.

If it’s a matter of cost, and you can afford it, don’t wait until Christmas to buy them some lights. I can personally recommend this rear light. It’s discreet (tiny), USB chargeable (uses the same charger as most mobile phones, so no batteries required), very effective and relatively inexpensive.

More details on bike lights here.

Help with cycling

It won’t be long before we’re making new year resolutions. Have you been meaning to get out on the bike more? Do you know someone that could do with a bit of help, or maybe just some company on a ride?

The Cycle Hayling web site helps with a range of cycling issues. You can also use the site to ask a cycling-related question.

I hope you enjoy Christmas and that next year will be a good one for you.

Andy Henderson,
Chair Cycle Hayling