Be Flash, Get Noticed!

It’s great to see more people keeping healthy by cycling. But in winter, cyclists are even harder to spot among bigger, brightly lit cars and lorries.

Imagine this cyclist without his hi-viz reflective jacket – would you still spot him?

Most motorists who hit bikes say “Sorry Mate – I Didn’t See You” – SMIDSY for short. Don’t be a SMIDSY victim! That’s why road workers and traffic police always wear hi-viz clothing, which is a combination of fluorescent yellow or pink for daylight, and reflective strips for the dark, where tiny glass beads reflect car headlights back to them, and really shine out.

Cycle Hayling says ‘Be Flash, Get Noticed!‘. The latest LED lights and reflectives are brilliant, and cheaper than ever, Anything is better than nothing, but for the best protection and to stay legal, we recommend :

  • Hi-Viz for you and your bike – fluorescent colours for daylight, PLUS reflectives to really shine after dark. Perhaps ankle bands, reflective rucksack cover, or stick-on strips?
  • Flashing lights are twice as visible and twice the battery life (and now legal).
  • Red lights at rear – at least one but preferably two for extra visibility, and in case one runs out of battery without you realising.
  • White lights in front – one bright enough to highlight your path (as well as make you visible to others), and again a second one is no bad thing to get you noticed.
  • Built-in helmets lights are always with you and harder to lose, so good options for second lights, but not as main lights.
  • Sticking to one recognised light brand or type of mount makes fixing to the bike easier, especially if you lose one, or swap lights between bikes.
  • USB lights save batteries – charge them up like your phone.
  • Don’t wait for sunset – put on your lights any time in poor visibility or heavy traffic.
  • Remove lights when leaving the bike unattended!

Parents – please don’t wait until it’s too late – encourage your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews – or anyone you know – to Be Flash and Get Noticed! Lights and reflective clothing make great Christmas and birthday presents!

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You can see more on the legal requirements at

More information courtesy of West Sussex County Council below:


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