Update from Cycle Hayling

In this update…

  • Vote for Cycle Hayling!
  • 2014 Hayling Island cycle map now available
  • More Billy Trail improvement scheduled?

Vote for Cycle Hayling!

We’ve applied for funds from the Hampshire ‘Approved by you’ scheme. That’s a scheme that accepts bids for money (up to £500) from organisations like ours and asks local communities to vote to see who gets the money. A total of £2,875 provided by Hampshire and Havant councils will be allocated to Hayling Island based on how people vote.

We’re bidding to improve cycle path signage around the Island including more of the map boards. More details from Wilf Forrow and at the voting.

The Hayling Island bids will get voted on at the United Reformed Church Hall at the east end of Hollow Lane next Tuesday, 29th April between 4pm and 6pm. There doesn’t seem to be any other way to vote, so – if you’re in the area – please drop in and vote for us.

2014 Hayling Island cycle map now available

Sue Underwood has organised an updated Hayling Island cycle map for 2014. The new map is available to download now and we’ll be distributing copies around the island over the next few weeks. If you can help with distribution, please let Sue know.

The map is entirely funded by advertisers, so please consider supporting them in return. More details here.

More Billy Trail improvement scheduled?

It looks like hoped-for improvements to the north end of the Billy Trail are scheduled to start, with completion by mid-June. We understand the resurfacing work will cover a much smaller section than originally planned and that it will use the same surface as recently laid at the south end.

More detail.

Andy Henderson
Chair, Cycle Hayling