Revive-A-Bike has now revived 28 bikes!

Hayling’s Revive-A-Bike scheme has now given 28 flat-lining bikes a new heartbeat!

That’s thanks to Neil and Les at Hayling Cycles (no relation to Cycle Hayling), for doing all the great work. And to Councillor Lance Quantrill, our Hampshire County Councillor, for coming up with the idea, and getting us £1,000 funding.

And to the people of Hayling, for dragging those bikes out of sheds and garages, bringing them in to be revived, and most important, for riding them!

We’ve had everything from kid’s bikes to vintage collector’s items, from mountain bikes to folders. Neil has the beard of a wizard, and here he is handing over some wizard work :

Neil handing over another bike

We’re almost through our funding, so if you’ve got a bike you want revived, you need to be very quick. We’re hoping we can find some more funding to keep reviving.

More details about the scheme here. Hopefully there’s a government £50 voucher scheme on the way to keep it going, but it takes time to set up that sort of thing, so all credit to Lance and Hampshire County Council for stepping in to fill the gap and get people cycling in summer.

And some more examples below – if you see them out riding, say “Hi”! Actually, say “Hi” to everyone out riding, to show Hayling Island really is cycle-friendly!

Grandads vintage bike, with very old style stirrup brakes!
Erik checking out his bike with mum’s newly revived folding bike

Some more bikes for Neil & Les to revive!