Impasse for the ferry

I understand that Hampshire County Council has effectively given up trying to find a company to take over the ferry.

There were a lot of companies interested in the possibility but, inevitably, they needed a firm commitment of a subsidy to make the route profitable. Portsmouth has maintained its stance that it won’t subsidise the ferry. Even if it were to change its mind I suspect – but do not know – that the authorities would be reluctant to provide adequate guarantees to ensure companies could cover their costs.

The ferries are also an issue. I understand that there is a legal dispute over the cost of the refurbishment and repair work done in the past year which means it’s unlikely they could form part of any service for the time being.

Its depressing but not surprising news. It seems the only way forward is for someone to come up with an innovative approach for a low-cost service that would be both useful to the public and acceptable to the various authorities.

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  1. Much detailed research currently being undertaken into all possible and practical alternatives. The present system was certainly not easy for cyclists, and not too successful anyway. A ferry with a bow ramp onto a slipway would work, but what sort of vessel and, where are the slipways opposite “ours”, it’s doubtful that the RNLI will let theirs be used.
    All ferry enthusiasts need to get together to pool ideas, so who will join us?
    Look at FB page, Save the Hayling Ferry, please, or contact 02392 416705 07954 169360

    1. I think the Itchenor ferry is potentially a good model ( ). It uses a jetty at the Itchenor side, but just beaches on the Bosham side. It can’t take large numbers of people but, instead, goes back and forth while there are people waiting.

      Looks like a more powerful boat would be needed to cope with Langstone Harbour, though.


  2. Unfortunately they have been pretty disgraceful. They took over the process, invited tenders and when bids were on verge of being submitted pulled the plug on the grant. There are a few worthwhile bids out there from like for like to Roll on Roll off type ferries. Sound business plans with the grant but without it definitely non starters.

  3. One of the models presented to me was exactly on that basis, back and forwards whilst people waiting. The boat could have been the existing one or a new one bought in. It was sound but certainly whilst getting started needed support which is what the grant gave them.

    We are too from from the Castle to get the attention we need I am beginning to think.

  4. Its a real shame that the Ferry is not supported. It was good for Hayling and just needed a bit more promotion ( especially in the Summer months with the holiday makers) . I was a regular user of the ferry and it frustrates me that we cannot do more and we lose a useful connection with Portsmouth and also a bit of our heritage!

  5. Pressure must be put upon Langstone Harbour Board to reduce the fees for the pontoons, for that is what is stymieing the process

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