Cycle Hayling update – August 2019

In this update:

  • Family cycle ride on Sunday
  • The politics of cycle infrastructure
  • Donation from the Hayling Cycle Ride
  • Cycle-commuting survey

Family cycle ride on Sunday

Join Cycle Hayling for a gentle family ride down the Billy Trail this Sunday 11th August, 10:00 – 12:00.

Everyone is welcome, of any age and cycling ability, families or not.

Meet at the Station Theatre.

We’ll show you how to do a quick bike check. Then a gentle, fun ride down the Billy Trail. You can turn round at any point. Feel free to bring elevenses/drink to reward yourself. Some of us will go on to the bridge, and maybe loop around Northney if you want, with an optional stop at one of the excellent Tea Rooms en-route!

On the way, we’ll be passing:

  • The BMX track if anyone fancies a go!
  • Cycle Hayling’s future cycle path to Saltmarsh Lane.

Note, however: the Billy Trail is stony, not smooth, and can be muddy. It is not well-suited to road bikes with skinny tyres.

Look forward to seeing you there!

The politics of cycle infrastructure

We hear people complain that ‘The council’ should do more to create and improve cycle paths. Wilf has written an article which explains why it’s not as simple as that and why progress can be excrutiatingly slow even with considerable goodwill among Hampshire and Havant councillors and officers.

Donation from the Hayling Cycle Ride

We’re grateful to the Hayling Cycle Ride (aka ‘Paris to Hayling’) for a donation of £500 to the Saltmarsh Lane project.

Most of the money raised by the ride goes direct to causes nominated by riders, so we are priviledged to get some of the money in the gift of the ride itself.

Cycle-commuting survey

Thank you if you contributed to our simple cycle-commuting survey.

We will be using the responses to create a new article aimed at people considering cycle-commuting.

It’s not too late to add anything your own views – even if you have already responded. We are particularly keen to hear from:

  • Cycle-commuters past and present
  • People who have considered cycle-commuting, but decided against

Andy Henderson
Cycle Hayling web site editor