Vote for cycling in the local elections!

Cycle Hayling is resolutely non-political, but I thought you should know that I’m standing in the local election for West Hayling to try and boost cycling, partly out of frustration with the slow progress in making Hayling more cycle-friendly, but also to replace the irreplaceable Andy Lenaghan, who has had to stand down, but who has always been very supportive of Cycle Hayling.

I apologise for this email, especially for those of you off the island, but we wouldn’t be much of a campaigning organisation if we didn’t at least tell you, and we simply don’t have the resources to print and deliver leaflets to everyone on Hayling.

Our campaign leaflet is at, please do take a look at it.

And for true impartiality, here are details, such as I could find, of the other candidates standing (apologies if I’ve missed any) :

And the full list of candidates:

Hayling West (two vacancies, two votes):
Liberal Democrat: Wilf Forrow & Paul Gray
Conservative: Michael Wilson & Issy Scott
Labour: Ian Heaphy & Jack Mealy
Ukip: Tricia Farnham

Hayling East:
Liberal Democrat: Suzette Gray
Conservative: Rosy Raines
Labour: Peter Oliver
Green Party: Natasha Parker
Ukip: John Perry

Yours in cycling,

Wilf Forrow, Cycle Hayling