Proposal to reduce the speed limit on the Northney route

Consultation is now open on the council proposal to reduce the speed limit from 40 mph to 30 mph on the section of road between the Stoke end of Copse Lane and Northney village. Details of the proposal, ref. number AS/TRO/298, can be found at

This is a route used by many cyclists to get on and off the island, so Cycle Hayling supporters may like to submit their views to the consultation, which is open until Friday 11th March 2016. Formal comments can be made via one of the following methods:

  • Using the online response form at the above web address
  • By email to
  • In writing to the acting solicitor to the council :
    Sara Bryan
    Acting Solicitor to the Council
    Public Service Plaza
    Civic Centre Road
    Havant PO9 2AX

2 Replies to “Proposal to reduce the speed limit on the Northney route”

  1. This is brilliant – walking or cycling down Copse Lane is beautiful, but pretty scary with fast traffic.

    This was my submission to the council :

    Ref No. AS/TRO/298: As a local (Gutner Lane) resident, I very strongly SUPPORT the proposed reduction to 30 mph in Copse Lane, Hayling Island.

    I frequently walk and cycle in both directions along Copse Lane, often with my children and grand-children. Copse Lane is a narrow, windy road, lacking pavements, with many hazards, including blind corners, awkward side roads and restricted entrances. Cars will quite often encounter pedestrians, pushchairs, dog walkers, cyclists, horses, farm traffic or other hazards with little or no warning. 30 mph really is a maximum safe speed, and to be fair, most drivers recognise that already. But even at 30 mph, it can be pretty frightening, and a real threat. When drivers try to go faster, it can be absolutely terrifying – it’s not just a matter of accidents.

    The 40 mph limit is a particular concern when drivers see Copse Lane as a fast bypass to blockages or slow moving traffic on the main A3023. This is especially true if they don’t know the area – most drivers would see the 40 mph sign as a safe speed for the road.

    This proposal is also strongly supported by Cycle Hayling, which has long been campaigning for safer roads on Hayling, and by the North East Hayling Residents Association.

    The views of local residents must take priority over objections from drivers from the south of the island. They knew about the traffic problems when they chose to live there. They cannot expect to terrify local residents by selfishly turning a quiet, rural road into a motorway just to shave a few seconds off their journey. And it really is only seconds.

    I look forward to the proposal being implemented as soon as possible.

  2. Of course, the speed limit should be lowered along this section of what should be a quiet country lane. in some section, I wonder if limit of 30 mph is low enough !

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