New section of path is cycle-able

After a fantastic effort from supporters yesterday, the new section of path on the east side of the main road going north from the Mill Rythe roundabout can now be cycled. I know because this is me riding it!

You can also see one of the temporary signs we’ve erected at each end of the path. It reads:

This path may be used with the permission of the land owner until further notice. It is not a public right of way.

No dogs or motorised vehicles.


  • Wait here if you can see someone on the path
  • Stay well back behind horses
  • Cyclists, be prepared to stop for other users

The path was completely obscured by large bramble hedges and clumps of nettles. Looking back it’s hard to believe that this is a picture of the path before we started.

Unfortunately, there is more to do. My petrol strimmer/brush cutter did a great job for twenty minutes, or so but then packed up. After letting it cool down for a couple of hours, we revived it for a few minutes before it packed up again. We were therefore reliant on a portable hedge cutter loaned by Keith and Carol Russ and manual labour.

Although we succeeded in clearing a path through we still need to:

  • Clear some bramble that we have left stacked on the side of the path (although we managed to remove most of it)
  • Cut down the long grass
  • Create a passing place around the centre of the path
  • Consider widening the path in some sections

If you have the opportunity, please try the path out and let us know how you get on. There were no thorn bushes so you’d be very unlucky to pick up a puncture. The more people that use the path, the easier it will be to get the grass under control.

The original plan was to have a second go at the path on Saturday (tomorrow). I’ve decided to cancel that session. To make significant progress we need a way to clear the long grass which means one of:

  1. Revival of my strimmer
  2. Loan of a petrol/battery strimmer (can you help?)
  3. Hire of a strimmer
  4. Use of more traditional techniques (again, please let me know if you can help)

There’s also a possibility the Registered Rider Scheme will continue our effort.

If you’d like to help, but haven’t put your name forward, let me know at and I’ll keep you in touch with what’s happening.

Finally, many thanks to everyone that helped yesterday:

  • Margaret Henderson
  • Pete Lyons
  • Robert Sebley
  • Sue Underwood
  • Wilf Forrow

And to all those that offered help but couldn’t make it.


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