Hayling Herald article March 2020

Sorry for the delay – it was overtaken by the Coronavirus lockdown.
This is part of the article we submitted for the March 2020 edition of the Hayling Herald.
Unfortunately, they ran out of space, so some was delayed to April.  We have formatted this version for the website with extra photos and links.

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Impress your friends with a big 2020 cycle ride

Want a challenge for 2020? I’ll let you into a secret.

There’s a challenge just over the bridge at the Spring Theatre Havant. It sounds, to most people, virtually impossible, but is achievable by people with average fitness, even those ‘of a certain age’ and both men and women.

The Cathedral Challenge starts with short, flat bike rides taking about an hour, with a guilt-free break for tea, coffee and cake in the middle. It progresses through a bronze challenge – to Portsmouth Cathedral and back mostly on flat cycle paths – and then a series of increasingly challenging rides including Chichester Cathedral, and then to the final gold challenge: Winchester Cathedral and back.

Remember I said it sounds impossible? Many past challengees who completed the Winchester ride said they really didn’t think they’d do it – some, even on the day of the ride – but that just increased their sense of achievement when they got the gold.

We made it to Winchester, now we just have to get back again!

The challenge starts with a ‘get to know you’ ride on 18th April (the first Saturday after Easter). If you want, we’ll do a quick bike check for you. Following rides alternate between Saturdays and Sundays until the big one on Saturday 4th July. All rides are led by Cycling UK registered ride leaders and we’ll make sure you don’t get left behind. We’re out to enjoy a ride – not to race. You can join as many rides as you want.

There’s no charge for riding with us – Portsmouth CTC is a volunteer-run club. Our nationally-negotiated insurance requires you to join Cycling UK after your third ride, but the included third-party cover alone justifies the fee.

There’s a lot more information and a registration form on the Portsmouth CTC web site: PortsmouthCTC.org.uk/CC.

Now, just think how many people you’ll be able to impress!

[Sadly, the Coronavirus has wrecked our plans for now, but watch out for our next challenge! And we’re still riding, just social distancing, and shorter distances.]

Lots more help and advice at cyclehayling.org. If you have any comments or ideas, please tell us!