Hayling Herald article January 2022

Here’s our Hayling Herald January 2022 column, for those that didn’t get to see it.

New Year Resolutions!

You’re probably fed up with New Year Resolutions by now so we’re going to suggest some New Year REVOLUTIONs for a change!

How about a driving REVOLUTION – to make Hayling’s roads more friendly? Our roads are actually pretty safe, but they often don’t FEEL that way to people walking and cycling. We can all drive a bit more considerately (i.e. slower). Like slowing down to let people struggling to cross the road in front of us. And leaving a gap when passing cyclists of at least 1.5 metres. Walkers and cyclists would be far more in your way if they were in a car.

What about a REVOLUTION at the school gates? If you drive to school, can you walk or cycle at least one day a week? Mill Rythe schools are one of the most congested in Hampshire, and probably air polluted too. If your kids don’t learn to walk and ride and the value of healthy exercise now, when will they? And it will be good for you too.

And what about a REVOLUTION in commuting, which accounts for 5% of Britain’s carbon emissions on it’s own? Could you ride to work one day a week? Or put a folding bike in someone else’s boot to get you most of the way? See our REVOLUTIONARY tip of the month to make your bike bullet-proof.

Of course, the ultimate REVOLUTION is of your bike wheels, by using your bike for every journey and leaving the car at home, or not having one. Regular cycling can give you an extra 2 years of life, but more to the point, an extra 10 years of health. Now that’s REVOLUTIONARY.

Cycling Without Age

Cycling Without Age had dry weather for the inaugural ride on Hayling at the end of November. We got some great waves from people out and about. And if you see it, please give it a wide berth and a big Hayling wave and smile.

Cycling Without Age inaugural ride

The goal is to get people out riding in the fresh air who are struggling with mobility, whether physically or mentally. Cycling Without Age is run by the You Trust charity, in partnership with the NHS, and you can book rides through the social prescribers in the Hayling doctors. They have the most amazing specially built electric trike, which even has weather protection and blankets!

But it badly needs a garage! Do you know anyone with a secure, dry garage with a power socket to recharge the battery (power would be paid for)? Ideally within a mile or so of the Community Centre or Health Centre? If you have any ideas, please contact theyoutrust.org.uk or cyclehayling.org.

Hayling Seafront Regeneration

I hope you all responded to the consultation on the council’s Hayling Seafront regeneration. Cycle Hayling did, and as usual we came up with a 10-point response, which you can see at cyclehayling.org/regen.

We were delighted that cycling got a lot of mentions, but very disappointed in the lack of detail. It’s no good just hoping that people will cycle to the seafront. Hayling needs safe, attractive cycle links all across the island, and to the bridge, and secure cycle parking.

Tip of the month

This month’s tip is a final REVOLUTION – how to keep your wheels revolving with puncture free tyres. If you need to get somewhere, you don’t need punctures. I won’t use anything other than Marathon Plus (other tyres are available) for my everyday cycling, and as a result, I’ve almost forgotten how to mend a puncture. Find out all about them, and see someone riding over broken glass and drawing pins at cyclehayling.org/nopunctures!

Happy New Year! Sign up at cyclehayling.org