Hampshire’s new Transport Plan consultation

Consultation now closed.
Are the council’s doing enough to encourage cycling and active travel, and reducing our dependance on cars? Well given that most Hayling Islanders can’t even cycle to Havant safely and easily – it’s clear they’re NOT! And now’s your chance to say so.

We spend a huge amount of time and money just getting around, and transport accounts for between a third and a half of Hampshire’s climate emissions. And it’s wrecked many local communities – our streets are clogged with parked or moving vehicles, and people don’t feel it’s safe to cycle, or for our children to play in the street as we used to.

So the government has told all councils to plan for the future, how they’re going to make transport work better and slash our climate emissions. And if they’re too cautious, they won’t get future government transport funding, whether it’s for cycling, roads or public transport.

Hampshire County Council has published radical new plans, and needs to know whether residents back them. And they’re fine words, but far too slow, with no sign of real action. You can see and comment on them at hants.gov.uk/transport/localtransportplan. But we think they’ve made it all too complicated and time-consuming for ordinary people to read, digest and respond (may be that’s deliberate?).

Winchester Climate Action think so too, and they’ve had a great attempt at simplifying it here. If you can respond through that, please do.

But we think even that is too complicated for most people, so we’re working to make it even simpler – watch this space!