We’ve changed address

We’ve moved from www.cyclehayling.org.uk to cyclehayling.org.

We were encountering a number of issues with our old service provider culminating with a problem sending emails to supporters. We therefore decided to move to a new service provider. The easiest way to do that – given the issues we were having – was to change server address at the same time.

The new site addresses the issues we were having. Not least, we’ve been able to activate https encryption. We’re no longer being labelled as ‘Not secure’.

Please update any site links you have. Also, any email addresses: xxx@cyclehayling.org.uk become xxx@cyclehayling.org. For the time being the old addresses will continue to work but we can’t guarantee for how long.

You shouldn’t see any difference between the old and new sites. Please let us know if you spot any issues.


Donkey Derby, Hayling Island – 4th June

Hayling Island Lions are holding their annual Donkey Derby at Legion Rd, Hayling Island, PO11 9ES on Saturday 4th June from 1.00pm to 5.00pm. Included in this special ‘Jubilee’ fete will be a joint Cycle Hayling/Portsmouth CTC stall running our usual Turbo Challenge competition where using static bikes mounted on trainers, riders see how far they can pedal in one minute. Continue reading “Donkey Derby, Hayling Island – 4th June”

Hayling Herald article for April 2022

Here’s what we submitted for our Hayling Herald April 2022 column, with online links and more pictures …

What’s YOUR vision for Cycling and Walking on Hayling?

Cycle Hayling is trying an experiment this month. Our County Councillor, Lance Quantrill, had some ideas for the Billy Trail and reducing traffic, and asked to base them on our well-known Cycle Hayling cycle map, to trigger discussion. We’re always up for ideas, so of course we said yes. Continue reading “Hayling Herald article for April 2022”

Hayling Herald article March 2022

Here’s what we submitted for our Hayling Herald March 2022 column, with online links and more pictures …

Hayling Regeneration

Hayling’s Sea Front does need a refresh, and the Council’s Regeneration Plans look to do that. They said cycling and walking is at their core, but when we looked at the map, it wasn’t clear how. Please keep reminding your councillors about it. There simply isn’t room for any more cars. Check out Cycle Hayling’s 10-point regeneration comments at cyclehayling.org/regen. Continue reading “Hayling Herald article March 2022”

Hayling Cycle Safari 2022

If venues can’t or won’t give you a sticker for any reason, or are closed, they (or you) can mark the form to say so. When redeeming rewards, we will use common sense to try to fill in for any missing stickers. Whether you used your bicycle yesterday, last month or last year, why not ride the Hayling Platinum Cycle Safari 2022? It’s not a race. It’s not a competition. It’s a Safari! This year, over twice as many venues, twice as far apart, and twice as many rewards to claim! Start your Safari by collecting an entry form and sticker from one of the 37 Safari Stops, or download below, then cycle around other Safari Stops to add more stickers. Collect 4 gold stickers from the 8 gold Safari Stops plus 16 more purple stickers from the purple Safari Stops and claim your free tube of Hayling Platinum Sun Lotion to clip to your bike or belt. See a sample at the Safari Stops. Carry on collecting; when you have 6 gold stickers from the 8 gold Safari Stops plus 26 purple stickers from the purple Safari Stops you also qualify for a unique memento, a Hayling Island Platinum Plaque, personalised with your name(s). Visit “Rock, Paper, Clay Ceramics” in Rails Lane to see a sample plaque. It’s free to enter, as Hampshire County Council is supporting it, and you don’t have to buy anything when you collect your stickers. A) Entrants may each claim one tube of Sun Lotion and one Plaque. B) Collect your stickers from Thursday 2nd June to Friday 30th September, inclusive. C) Visit the Safari Stops in any order and whenever they’re open – check opening hours! D) There’s no need to visit every Safari Stop – although, it’s more fun if you do! E) Claim your Sun Lotion only at Hayling Ferry (on board), The Terracotta Pot Shop, The Hayling Book Shop, Café in The Park and Stoke Fruit Farm. F) Claim your Platinum Plaque only at “Rock, Paper, Clay Ceramics” in Rails Lane. Each will be fired with your name(s). This may take up to 4 weeks if Kim and Nick get busy! Your Platinum Plaque can be mailed to you at your own cost. G) Last date to claim your Platinum reward(s) is Friday 14th October. H) As with all Safaris, leave only tyre prints and take only photographs – we’d love to see your selfies at a Safari Stop – so, please send any photographs we may use for publicity to wilf@cyclehayling.org Information collected will not be used for any purpose other than Hayling Island Cycle Safaris. Cycle Safaris are organised by Cllr Lance Quantrill, Hampshire CC and Cycle Hayling. See or print these instructions here, the map here, the sticker collector front here and sticker collector back here. Sign up at cyclehayling.org/signup to support more cycling on Hayling Island, and to hear about future Hayling Island Cycle Safaris.

See our 2021 Safari here, which saw 67 Islanders getting their maps stamped at up to 16 venues across the island, and more doing it just for fun. For more details, contact wilf@cyclehayling.org or Councillor Lance Quantrill.