Billy Trail repairs update

We’ve received the following from Steve Mountain, the project manager:

We are running a little late (we originally hoped to have had the work done by now) due to the bad weather over the past weekend. HCC has also asked us to do some additional defence work whilst we are on site.

The expectation is that the Trail should be open to the public by the early part of next week.

We’ll let you know when we hear more.

5 Replies to “Billy Trail repairs update”

  1. I rode up to the fencing and back yesterday and parts of the track were unusable as they had been turned to quagmire. You could see by the track marks that severe damage had been done to the track by the heavy plant churning it up. I hope they are going to repair the damage when the other work has been done, or it will be a strange trade-off to have shored up a few yards of beachfront and ruined hundreds of yards of the trail. I know it is being clever after the event, but as farmers go in and out of the adjacent field all the time with tractors, could not the contractors done a deal to get access from West Lane? Will anyone be asking about repairs to the track after the churn-up? I know we have had heavy rain, but the surface had been churned to a depth of more than six inches in places. Without a lot of pit-stones that will never self-repair.

  2. Thanks for the update, my husband uses the track regularly and has checked today at the garage and there are polls being delivered, he assumes that they are part of the new defences, surely not still at that stage

  3. Two requests:
    Please make your updates specific. Add to them a date and time when you are to make a further update. Do the same on subsequent updates until you can give a finish date and time.
    Please then remove all notices referring to the works.

    1. Unfortunately we have no way to predict when we’ll post the next update, nor when the last person interested in the update will read it.

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