Another Billy Trail closure – more improvement

See below for an update from the Havant Transport and Implementation Team. We don’t yet have dates for the closure but will post them here when we do.

It’s good to see more improvement. It’s early days, but the new section seems much better than the southern section, so we’re hoping it will set the standard for future improvements.

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30mph speed limit to go ahead

30mph road sign

We made several responses to the Hampshire County Council proposal to implement a 30mph limit on the stretch of the A3032 from New Cut to the Mill Rythe roundabout. They were seen as constructive and helpful by Frank Pearce (the county councillor responsible for making the final decision) and the Hampshire officers involved, so we were invited to participate in a meeting called by Frank to discuss the proposal.

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Bike hire on Hayling Island

Bike hire on Hayling Island is available through Black Point Cycle Hire (or on Facebook at They’ve been going since 2014, and still going strong as at June 2023.

They have a good range of Scott and Specialized hybrid bikes of all sizes, male and female, and some for children. The company is based at Sandy Point but will deliver direct to you and pick up when you’re done. Prices look reasonable and include puncture repair kits, pump, lock, helmet and backpack.

If you’d like to get back into cycling or if you have visitors that would like to explore the superb countryside in our area, please consider using Black Point. It’s been a long time since we had generally-available cycle hire on the island – they deserve our support.

Billy Trail re-opens following upgrade

The section at the north of the island is now open again, although all users are being asked to treat the new surface with respect while it is bedding in.

There’s also some more work to do that will not require the path to be closed, so please watch out for people working.

Peter Drury’s blog has some photos of the new section and some taken while it was under construction.

We are all hoping that this will prove to be an excellent development that will show the way for future Billy Trail improvements. We’ll be keeping an eye on it as time goes on.

Thanks – once again – are due to Peter Drury who has done so much to bring this about through his Hayling Billy 50 work. I’m sure he’d be the first to point out that it’s been a team effort involving Havant, Hampshire, National Lottery and a bunch of others.

Survey results

Thank you to everyone that helped us with our survey which asked supporters to tell us the relative importance of each of our cycle path projects to cyclists.

You told us that:

  • The North-South link and an upgrade to the Hayling Billy trail are most important
  • Footpath 102 is a clear runner-up – which puts the main routes on and off the island in the top positions
  • We are justified in keeping the relief bridge as aspirational for the time being
  • There are regional variations but they do not differ widely from the overall findings

You gave us a lot of comments. Thanks for all the messages of support. They are very welcome. We’ll take the comments into account when pursuing the individual projects. We’ll also add the possibility to provide an off road route from Beachlands to the Ferry as an aspirational project – it’s unlikely we’ll be able to make any significant progress, though, while the future of the ferry is so uncertain.

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