Public Cycle Hayling meeting

Event Details

Come along and discuss matters of interest to cyclists on Hayling Island.

Our discussions will include:

  • Results of the supporters’ survey: what they mean for us going forward
  • Our school initiatives
  • Meeting with Havant and Hampshire councils: what we learned and follow-up actions
  • The Billy Trail: preserving the trail and building on recent developments
  • The North-South link: latest developments
  • Committee membership

Free refreshments. There’s no admission charge.

We’ll meet in the Bowls club room. The entrance is at the North side of the Hayling Island Community Centre. There’s currently a sign telling you to use the ‘other door’ which is a request to ask you to use the right hand side of the double doors – not a request to find a different door altogether!

4 Replies to “Public Cycle Hayling meeting”

  1. If this space to is raise items for the meeting, as a frequent user, of the H.B.T. I have two points:

    1) In regard to the principal letter in the March Hayling Islander how does the meeting react to the writer’s criticisms about the southern part of Hayling Billy Trail?

    2) Can the access to the Trail from Denhill Close/Saltmarsh Lane be improved to all-weather condition or does this cross private land?

  2. I suspect there are few, if any, that will disagree with the writer’s comments. As you know, I used to commute via the Billy Trail and bought a specialist bike to do it. Now I’m a leisure cyclist, my bikes are unsuitable for the trail so I, too, stick to the roads.

    We’ll certainly be discussing the state of the Trail at the meeting.

    I know we’ve discussed the link path with Havant and Hampshire, but I can’t remember who owns it. I’ll try to find out before the meeting.


  3. The connecting link from the Billy Track to Denhill Close is a public footpath (FP521) and as such would have to be upgraded to dual use with the permission of the landowner. Do not know who the land owner is, but we could find out and go through the process of trying to get permission and then get HBC/HCC to get the status altered and the path widened etc.

  4. I believe the land owner is Mr Phil Gooch. I am not sure if the current foot path is there via easement of whatever the legal term is and whether the maintenance is undertaken by Hampshire CC, but it would be useful to know so the relevant enquiries can be taken.

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