Hayling to Paris 2015

Event Details

More detail and an online booking form are now available on www.hayling-cycle-ride.org.uk .

This year the plan is to go to Versailles. There will be two departures:

  1. Two-way riders will leave on the evening of Sunday 12th July
  2. One-way riders will join the ride at Versailles on Tuesday 14th July, leaving with the rest for Rouen the next day

Everyone will return to Portsmouth on the morning of Saturday 18th July.

The “Two Way” ride is priced at around £475 and the “One Way” at £395 which includes travel and accommodation. That’s extremely good value! You are, however, expected to make a donation to charity – either directly or via sponsorship. Even so, that’s a lot less than you’d have to pay for any other organised ride.

I – and many others – can testify that the ride is good fun and very well organised.

This will be the 30th ride and it has proved to be very popular. It is fully booked, but it’s still worth registering for the waiting list – there are bound to be cancellations.

If you’re not sure about whether you can manage it, or whether you’ll have someone to go round with, there will be a number of practice rides. They will start with short rides, and extend your range as the rides progress. That will give you an opportunity to meet people before the ride itself. You can contact the organisers via this page: www.hayling-cycle-ride.org.uk/about/contact-us/ .

There will be several Cycle Hayling supporters going. You can contact us if you’d like: advice, help with getting ride-fit, or help with joining a group doing the ride.

2 Replies to “Hayling to Paris 2015”

    1. Although we have a number of links to the Hayling to Paris cycle ride, we don’t organise it. I can tell you, however, that the team is fully focused on this year’s ride and won’t be taking bookings for next year until August, at least. You can ensure you get a notification by subscribing to the newsletter at http://www.hayling-cycle-ride.org.uk/about/contact-us/.

      In the meantime, it might still be worth signing up for this year’s ride at http://www.hayling-cycle-ride.org.uk/the-ride/entry-form/. There are bound to be cancellations.


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