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Please join us for our first meeting of 2013 to discuss some exciting proposals (such as a revived “parallel bridge” bid), get involved in existing projects and help plan our direction and continued success in 2013. We’ll even provide tea/coffee and biscuits if that helps!

The meeting is relatively informal, and you will have plenty of opportunity to contribute.

  1. Welcome, Apologies and Minutes of previous meeting (please ask if you want another copy)
  2. Brief update on all “live” CH projects: please check our project pages linked from our Projects page
  3. “Parallel bridge” proposal for Hayling Bridge
  4. Stepping up the “North-South backbone” campaign: what action do we take now?
  5. Website review (and celebration!); discussion of any key issues (e.g. registering supporters).
  6. Presentation to Hayling Island Residents’ Association (Cycle Hayling is booked to do this in July)
  7. How do we boost the level and scope of CH support?
    For instance:

    • Forging links with wider Hayling Community to develop broad-based support for our campaign (e.g. schools, health centre, shops and businesses and tourist/visitor facilities)
    • Creating formal contacts and relationships with the island holiday parks e.g. relating to siting signboards, guided cycling, cycle hire
    • HB50 opportunities
    • Promoting our “Cycle-friendly Island” petition
    • “Transport surveys” e.g. at Billy Trail, car parks, shopping precincts
  8. Date of next full meeting
  9. AOB

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