Work to upgrade the ‘cinder path’ starts

Work started on Monday 18 February and is planned to take up to 5 weeks. The resurfacing will upgrade the footpath to a shared cycle path.

This is the result of a three year Cycle Hayling campaign led by Robert Sebley. We hope it will be the start of a network of cycle paths providing safer routes to the island’s schools and improved cycle access to the south east of the island.

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My bike is in a state

You first need to decide whether it is worth fixing, or not.

Just about everything on the bike can be brought back into service, or replaced, but the cost could be more than getting a good, replacement bike.

More important, of course, you need to be safe.

It is hard to provide useful, general guidance about whether a bike is serviceable, or not. We might be able to help if you get in touch at Some photos might help. You might also consider a trip to the Portsmouth Cycle Centre – a local group of volunteers prepared to help you with bike maintenance.

On the other hand, if all your bike needs is some attention, we provide advice for looking after your bike here. We cover using a specialist bike shop and describe ways to ‘do it yourself’.