Route to Solent Retail Park

The red and blue sections of this map show the route from the north end of the Hayling bridge to the Solent Road Retail Park, shown as Havant (Tesco) Extra and Hobbycraft Havant. You’ll also find Halfords (with a large bike section), M&S and many more. Tesco has cycle stands towards the south of the covered car park and in front of the building to the north. There are also cycle stands along the length of the retail park.

We suggest you use the west side of the bridge because it gives you shared pedestrian/cycle route all the way from the top of the Billy Trail to where the trail emerges at Langstone Road (the red section of the route).

From there the route goes along Langstone Road to the entrance to Langstone Technology park. This is a busy road so please take care. Many people cycle on the pavement here because there are very few pedestrian users.

Having entered the road that leads to Langstone Technology Park, go past the Langbrook Farm restaurant and you will see a public footpath on the right that takes you alongside the river under the A27 to a cycle path next to Tesco. Technically, you should walk on this footpath, but so long as you give way to anyone you meet, you’re unlikely to be challenged. We’re campaigning to make it an official cycle path, and a new planning application has promised to do that.

Many cyclists follow the green route on the map and turn right through the car park to meet the top of the footpath at the opposite corner. It’s private, but we’ve never heard of any issues if you don’t cause a nuisance.

The purple section takes you along a shared pedestrian/cycle path to the main Havant shops in East Street (via crossing lights). To get to the station, continue past the end of East Street into the Aldi/Wickes car park (just past Kentucky Fried Chicken), go to the north east corner to an underpass that takes you to the station via more shared pedestrian/cycle path.

Map data © 2015 Google