Route to Havant high street

This map shows the route to Havant’s main shopping area from the north end of the Hayling bridge.

We suggest you use the west side of the bridge because it gives you shared pedestrian/cycle route all the way from the top of the Billy Trail to the point where you have to cross the Langstone Road (the red section of the route).

Please take care crossing the Langstone Road – it can get very busy. There is a traffic island here to help.

The blue section of the route follows the course of the Hayling Billy railway line to the station. The path goes under the A27 so there are no roads to cross until the path emerges on East Street (A259). From there, use the cycle lane to enter the Havant Shopping area. Take a road that continues west where the main road bends north to become North Street.

Please note that most of the shopping area is pedestrianised, so you should not cycle here. There are plenty of cycle stands where you can lock your bike.

After a period of prolonged and heavy rain, the south section of the blue route can get flooded. The green route takes you round the flooded section.

Map data © 2015 Google